Book Responsibly

If you make a reservation and plans change, do the right thing: let the restaurant know.


Do you honor your reservations? We teamed up with Chef Michael Voltaggio to share the real story of Bob and Mimi, the couple who never showed.


Friends don't let friends book irresponsibly. Do your part.


Don't Be like Bob & Mimi  

It may not seem like a lot, but 6% of people who make reservations over the phone don’t show. The truth is, anytime you stand up a restaurant or cancel last minute, they lose out. It costs them food, labor, and the chance to serve guests.

When people book with OpenTable, no-shows drop by 20%. But with your help, we can do even better. It’s easy to cancel or change your reservation on our app. Remember, canceling isn’t the problem–restaurants, like most of us, just want to know where they stand.


What Real Restaurateurs Are Saying

Kim Alter


"I wish diners knew how hard it is to run a restaurant, and that canceling at the last minute or no-showing makes it even harder. If we didn't have our cancellation policy, we would probably not make it."


Michael Davis


"Don't be afraid to cancel your reservation – we appreciate a cancellation more than a no-show because it builds a relationship between the guest and the restaurant."

Kimberly Galban


"In a restaurant where reservations account for more than 90 percent of your business, a no-show or late cancellation can leave your space with empty tables. Canceling is a courtesy to the restaurant – plus, you get off the 'naughty no-show list.'"

   Bobby Stuckey


"Guests want great product, and great product is fragile – whether that’s fresh fish flown in or delicate artisanal greens. It’s overwhelming to think about how much waste can be generated on a Friday night if 15% of our guests are no-shows."

Friends don't let friends book irresponsibly. Do your part.